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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  October 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm MST

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fox 10 news at 9:00 starts now. we begin tonight with a fox 10 weather alert. large storms currently surrounding the valley, check out the light show out there, and you may be seeing some rain and lightning where you love. >> dave munsey joins us now with a live look at the radar. >> well, john, we did expect to see some moisture earlier in the day today, but it is not the valley yet. as you can see, on the west side, things are getting a little bit close. we also have an encroachment from the valley as well. there is some movement from the east but it is getting away from us at this time. here's the stuff on the east side that i was talking about. we'll get you another angle at that, and you can see it sliding on up here but that stuff is going to move on. it's the stuff right here in the west that we are keeping our eye
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there and we'll take a look at those storms coming in. it is just a line of storms coming in. it is this line in the wickenburg area that we are keeping our eye on. we do continue to see that moisture moving into the northern portion of the state, williams flagstaff area might see something a little bit later, and you can see a few storms moving up here toward globe. but right here in most encroachment that we are watching is on the west side, and we will keep our eye on that. we'll have a full weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right. it would be nice to get a little rain, dave, and look at this, we mentioned the storms bringing a lot of lightning with them, you could see them from the central valley. check out this photo from a
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city tonight. >> fire breaking out near 171st avenue and chandler heights. right now crews doing some mop-up you may see some smoke area. a tragic death of a girl in surprise who died when a dresser fell on top of her, trapping her underneath. >> phoenix children's hospital with the story tonight. >> every 24 minutes, tipped furniture sends a child to the emergency room, and get this, every two weeks one child dies after a tv or a large piece of furniture falls on top of him or her. now tonight we talk to a parent whose mission is now is to educate other parents on the danger of not anchoring furniture like that to the wall.
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3-year-old girl died after a dresser fell on top of her in her surprise home sunday. neighbors say they didn't know the family but are praying for them. >> it's sad. it's scary. it can happen anytime. one minute you're fine, and the next your child is gone. >> it's sad. it's tragic. he heard a dresser fell on her, and accidents like that, you never know when it's going to happen, but it does. >> that's going to that's what little kids do. so even if they are climbing on it, just having it strapped to a wall, put it into a stud, anchor it to the wall, so that way if something like that happens you're protected. >> this is something they didn't know was important until it happened to his family. he says a 220-pound dresser fell on his three-year-old son john last year after he pulled a few drawers out. you can see how easily this
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cathcart took. luckily his son wasn't seriously injured. >> i think he had gotten off the scooter, packed it, pulled out the drawers to see what it does, and it came on top of him. the scooter has handle bars about a foot wide, so it kept from coming down all the way on top of him. >> it's now cathcart's mission to educate other parents of the dangers. >> i never thought of it when we bought it. now i that every parent thinks about it every time they buy one of these things. >> and in the case of this three-year-old little girl who tragically passed away, police are telling us it appears to be a tragic accident at this time. no charges will be filed. that's from police. and coming up here tonight at 10:00, we talk to an expert here at phoenix children's hospital about some other safety tips for other parents out there on this topic. reporting live, danielle miller, fox 10 news. thanks, danielle.
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moment the affordable care act went into law, and today the obama administration admitting that the cost of obamacare is going up, way up in some states. nationally, some people will see their premiums jump by more than 25%. but here in arizona, cost is going up even higher. customers will see their premiums jump by more than 50%, and a majority of people will have only one provider to choose from. a new report found that the cost arizona will jump from about $200 a month to more than $420 a month. health officials continue to insist, though, that a majority of people shopping on will be able to find an affordable plan, especially if they take
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credits. >> in every case, your coverage will go down, even though they said your coverage will get better and you can keep your doctor. most likely there's a good chance that you may not be able to keep your doctor, and your coverage will have higher deductibles, higher co-pays, more out of pocket. >> so what do you do when you're shopping for a new plan? what are the dos and don'ts? should you ditch your old plan to try to find something different? there are plenty of questions answer them for you. a local agent was on fox news now earlier tonight answering a lot of those questions. we have posted his entire interview on our youtube page. you can find that at 10 phoenix. tonight a $3,600 reward is on the table for information leading to the person who shot and killed a 6-month-old foal,
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wounds, and it's body had been mutilated. the salt river wild horse management group says two other wild horses were seriously hurt and may have to be rescued. >> visibly, the mother of this baby is very distraught, very upset, keeps going back to the spot where her dead baby is, and that's just absolutely heartbreaking. >> this was incredibly violent. the suspect was last seen wearing black shorts and a dark witnesses saw two other people with that shooter. the department's mounted posse to patrol that area and search for evidence in this case. if you have any information, if you know who might be behind tis, you're asked to call the maricopa county sheriff's office. >> and i heard the gunshots clear as a bell. >> people living in the west valley are on edge as we get closer to halloween. they are concerned about the serial shooter still at large
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hurt two others in the phoenix area. they have mixed emotions about trick or treating with their kids this year and having their kids out on the streets and the safety of their own neighborhoods. >> i don't think you're going to see a lot of people walking along. i think a lot of the parents are going to be more involved this year, and their kids aren't going to be walking around alone anymore. i think there's a lot fewer people that are roaming the streets now. >> in the beginning, they had signs up on the walls and the posts, the serial shooter. after a week or i want to say two weeks tops, they weren't out there anymore and police don't really patrol as much as they were. >> the last shooting connected to the serial shooter was on july 11th in southeast phoenix. big day in court and a four-day hearing getting underway to decide the future of a police department in a
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arizona border. a jury found that officers were discriminating against nonbelievers of the polygamist sect, treating them unfairly, arresting them without probable cause and making unreasonable searches of their property. the police department is shared by the towns of colorado city, arizona, and hilldale, utah. well, you know what they say about a tie, it's like kissing your sister, so how does it really feel when you play five including overtime, and you fail to win the game, and there is no decision? >> it is certainly one of the more bizarre feelings for an athlete, playing your heart out without a win or a loss. so how do the cardinals react the day after last night's very strange tie game? jude lacava was at cardinals headquarters earlier today. what are they saying? >> it was bizarre. it's a good word to describe it, kari.
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most every phase of the game, time of possessions, first downs. their defense was exceptional. they held the seahawks to just 52 yards rushing the football. but it was the reaction today. look at the series of events, the jumpover of bobby wagner, and of course this was in overtime. i want you to watch the reactions on the sidelines from both the cardinals and the seahawks. that was the miss, and it looks like it is going, right, right, and then look at the facial expressions here, you can't believe it. but here's what's patrick pederson even hugged his defensive coordinator, james bettcher. and hauschka missed wide left. there's no reaction. catanzaro is going i kind of just got off the hook a little bit, right? but here's the money shot, though, john and kari, i want you to watch closely. pete carroll, the head coach of the seahawks, look at that face. he's like, no, that didn't just
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catanzaro turns and says, let's hit the showers, the game is over. now today i asked players of the cardinals what does it feel like. is it a win? is it a loss? how do you react to this tie? >> it feels like we lost, but at the same time a lot of great effort. >> that's my first tie being apart. it's very depressing watching and being a part of the time of the but we wanted to win, so we have just got to move forward. >> it's obviously tough. there's l did in that game, physically moved the ball up and down the field. just we left a lot of points out there. >> we, they left a lot of points and opportunities. this is what's interesting about a tie game. first tie game for the cards since 1986, reagan was president. first tie game ever for the seahawks in franchise history, and seattle's lone score came on that blocked punt, that field goal, zero yards on that drive. just some very unique bizarre
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the cardinals have little time to fret over what happened last night. they have got to get ready for the trip lack to north carolina. you remember what happened last year in the nfc title game. and we'll look at some positives from last night's performance. we'll see you in sports. >> that was an offensive showdown last night, jude. >> i love the facial expressions. >> four field goals, unbelievable. coming up, why this valley ud house. and the drought is finally over after all of these years. the cubs are back in the world series. what a local business is promising its customers if the cubbies win it all. but first, a retirement spot turns into a war zone of sorts. how a weapons manufacturer turned the tables on some
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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remote area was an ideal retirement spot for a few arizona landowners. it was their dream spot. that was until they realized what was happening nearby. >> for years they say that they had no idea one of their neighbors was a scottsdale-based manufacturer that used that land as a shooting range for high caliber weapons and helicopter-mounted machine guns. >> but as the company moved forward to expand with plans, they were met with fierce opposition. andrew hasbun has the story. >> their mini gun can shoot 3,000 rounds per minute. that's 50 sounds a second. and scottsdale based company tests the weapons with customers on the sprawling range west of maricopa. they scooped up more property to expand their business, but there was one big problem. carla lee is one of a handful of property owners who are now surrounded by the company's land. she bought many years ago, when
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the company bought up the surrounding properties. she didn't visit too often but she planned to build a place here to retire. >> i was attracted to the solitude and to the immense beauty. >> but on one recent visit with her to the property, a helicopter circled overhead, the chopper unmistakable as it flew over the range in the distance. this is not a usual risk. i call it a mini afghanistan in the front yard. >> reporter: lee says when she brought the property, she didn't know about the shooting range. the shooting range is located down this road, and the property owners tell us there was nothing to tell them there was a shooting range nearby. only recently, they say, did the company install this sign, warning of a shooting range
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property rezoned, all of the landowners realized what had become of their property. i can't use it. i can't build on it. my retirement plans are gone. my retirement is tied up in this, and they want to purchase it for a fraction of the cost, which would keep me from being able to re-create this anywhere else. >> i purchased the property in 2006. >> lee is not alone. she and the other landowners took their concerns to the maricopa county board of supervisors in early october. >> i was going to build. i had there. >> reporter: and now? >> and now, well, i'm not willing to live in a war zone. >> joanne had a run-in once with the company's helicopter when she was checking on her property and driving on a public road. >> suddenly there were two helicopters circling our vehicle above. a gentleman got out of the hooey. he was in military garb. we could see the gatling gun
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we gotten ourselves into? >> reporter: at a meeting with the board earlier this month, the company told us they were working with the landowners to reach an agreement to buy their property, that they always adhere to strict safety guidelines, and that getting the property rezoned allowed for a foreign trade zone to meet the company's >> it is gone, and, yeah, for sure. >> carla lee says she doesn't oppose the company's mission. she just wants to be able to walk away from her property without losing her retirement. >> they are the only ones who would ever buy it. we would have to disclose to any interested person who in their right mind would never want to buy here. >> it appears that the negotiations worked out, and news of that came at last week's board meeting. >> i'm happy to announce that we
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te neighbors, and have no opposition. >> reporter: i'm andrew hasbun, fox 10 news. >> wow, afghanistan in your backyard. terms of the deal for dylan aero to bind the land from the property owners were not disclosed. still ahead, outrage in the california community, why the national guard is taking back bonuses that it gave soldiers years ago. plus, capitalizing on frustrations of voters with this year's election, how he's helping people who want to leave the country. we do have some rain out there. as a matter of fact, you can see how there's rain in the west and
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on fox 10 news. well, this is not mesa, as you might well know. the first snow of the season in vermont, yeah, they got a lot of it too in a few places, and they love it up there. they are ready for it. a few places getting up to nine inches of new snow. some of this is high but some of this is down where they don't expect snow this early in the year. so they are enjoying it, and they are digging out, and that is up in vermont. and as we get you a look up in vermont right now, you can see things are drying out a little bit, but there's still some snow around. they are still enjoying it in a few areas up in the northwestern portion of the state, anyway, that show continuing to come in. around here, it's a different story. yeah, it's 82 degrees, the winds
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about three miles an hour, the city looking pretty good tonight. 79 degrees right now in surprise, 81 in scottsdale, 80 degrees in apache junction, 81 in chandler right now. in ahwatukee, 78 degrees. a new system pushing in, high pressure still working to protect us, but that low-pressure system is digging up some moisture and kind of passing it through the state here. as you can see, we get a pretty good load. here's phoenix right here. coming up on the there's a little bit to the south of us here. if that would affect us, it would be later in the evening or by early tomorrow morning. but this stuff is moving out very, very rapidly. you can see some stuff to the south of us there. over on the east side, we get a look at this stuff passing by. here's phoenix right here, and once again you can see the encroachment is from the west, and that stuff is heading kind of in a northeasterly direction,
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heading off to the north. there's wickenburg right there, and there's the city right there. as this stuff continues to get a little bit closer, we see a little bit up north as well. but a lot of it once again is just moving very, very rapidly out of here. in fact, we'll give you a look over this lake havasu area is where a lot of it is coming in, and we'll give you a look at the futurecast to kind of show you. that stuff is moving out very, very rapidly, very quickly out of here. we go to the high on the day today. you can see 80s surrounding that, but we get you up in there once again. you take a look at what's going on across the country, a little snow in the northwestern portion, lots of rain as far as the west is concerned, and then that snow up in vermont, keeping the temperatures down up in that part of the country in the 60s. we do still deal with a few 80s out there, but for the most part it's 60s and 70s, 69 overnight, 89 degrees tomorrow.
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90s as we go to 92 on wednesday and 96 on thursday, but as you can see, we back off of that very quickly. halloween 83 degrees. that night should bring us right around 78 degrees. we'll have more on that as it gets closer >> wow, that's perfect, perfect. >> that's not bad. >> no. coming up on fox 10 news at 9:00, an unexpected move, why a tennis in the middle of a match. casting your ballot in this election, there are some dos and don'ts we'll run down for you tonight. >> and something many people only dream of, going inside the white house and meeting the president, but it's reality for a valley 12-year-old who went to our nation's capital to pitch his ideas about science and
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself t he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe.
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new tonight story of a valley student who at just 12 years old is influencing the future of science and technology. >> he just returned from a trip to the white house where he met the president and pitched his idea. kroi kristy siefkin talked to the student and the mom today. >> this young man, his second vote, his name is sage foreman,
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house last summer to represent arizona and just last month he went there as a kids science officer, proposing to connect very talented stem students with big tech companies. 12-year-old sage foreman is busy building robots and national policy. he just visited the white house on friday where he pitched his idea for stem programs. >> they asked my mom come to washington, dc to meet with the offices of science and technology policy, and a few people from nasa and nsf. >> sage and ten other students were especially selected to serve as kid science advisories. sage suggested a national technology field trip day hosted by u.s. tech companies. >> they would invite middle and high school students to their facilities and explain what their jobs are, some qualifications, and their new
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obama shook his hand and gave him a commemorative coin. he gave the president his business card. >> and i was like, wow, i cannot believe i just did that. >> that was one of his life goals. he told me that this week. i am not sure what the next one is, but i am sure it is big. >> reporter: back in arizona, sang is focused on his next -- sage is focused on his next robotics competiti other goals. >> i want to win a nobel prize and solve air pollution, and i want to become a professor. >> sage wants to return to the white house a few more times to meet future presidents, and in the meantime he continues work locally, meeting with governor ducey at the end of the month. i'm kristy siefkin, fox 10 news. thanks, christy. early voting is underway in arizona, and why some you may have already sent back your
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about how to fill out those ballots. do you have to fill out all of the races? what type of pin should you use? first of all, you do not have to vote for every candidate for every race. only vote for the candidates that you want to vote for. secondly, and this is in the social media age, selfies are okay inside the polling place posted on social media, but it can only be of you and your ballot. no one else in the picture. and of a lot of voters, what type of pen should you use. ballpoint or felt tip pens are okay, but sharpies, which i have used in the past, that can cause some serious problems with your ballot because it bleeds over to the other side. >> and please don't use a sharpie, because the sharpie will bleed through to the back or front, whichever side you're doing, and that could have you vote for something else that you
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that way. it could make you overvote, even. >> i have made that mistake, because a sharpie, it's like one quick dash and you're done, and it's a perfect fill-in. but, no, i'm going to resist the temptation. it's not a good idea. all right, if you plan on voting on election day, your sample ballot will have your polling place on it. that's the only place you can vote, and election officials want to remind you to make sure to have your driver's license with you when you get to the poll. meantime, early ballots consider to pour in across arizona. maricopa county, the recorders office there says it has already received more than 8,000 early ballots and more than 6,000 over the counter. more than 2 million early ballots were mailed out across the state last week. many people are frustrated over the election. some have said if their candidate loses, they are moving
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so one phoenix realtor has decided to offer his help to make that reality. french canadian realtor sent out a postcard saying he will help you sell your house if you move north after the election. he says these flyers have received a lot of attention. >> the phones are ringing, and people are calling me, telling me it made me smile on my face. >> he is from canada, so he would probably help you be able to find a place north of the border if you want to move up there. so far, no one was contacted him wanting to move. i suppose we'll have to wait until after november 9th. >> i would like to think that the republic is stronger than that. think of the staying power of the cubbies as an example.
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tomorrow night, and the fan bases of the cubs and the indians couldn't be more excited. for the cubs, it's been since 1908. for cleveland, 1940s. so the good news is the drought is going to be over for one of these teams. after all, someone has to win. tonight, steve krafft shows us what a local business is promising its customers if the cubs win. >> well, the cubs are in the world series, so to celebrate that, there is a restaurant here chicago making a very special offer. inside chicago hamburger company in east phoenix, dogs, burgers, a crowd and a promise, free sliders when the cubs win the world series. >> free sliders if the cubs win. we have had that sign up for 27 years. everybody that comes in the door will get free sliders. >> now i'm going to show you what bob is going to be giving away if the cubs win the series. take a look at these. these are sliders.
9:37 pm
are kind of like a little mini tiny cheeseburger, and they are delicious. >> reporter: nothing would taste better to cubs fans. >> it would be fun to see them actually break the curse. probably would have to find something else to complain about after that. >> i am sure we could come up with something. >> but it would be a good shot in the arm for baseball. >> it means a lot for all of the people that have been waiting so long. my husband's very good friend just died, and he was a huge his friend as well as him to get them to win the series. so i really think they will. >> certainly there are plenty of cleveland indians fans in the valley, but around here it's go cubs, go. in phoenix, steve krafft, fox 10 news. >> it won't be cheap to go to the world series. it never is, but this one is extra special, right? tickets for the cubs first home game on friday are being listed
9:38 pm
6,100 bucks. that's the average. that's not the best ticket in the house. >> that will get you in. >> somewhere, exactly. the average ticket price for the game is about $3,100 a piece according to ticket iq, a ticket search engine. >> if you don't want to shell out the big bucks, you can always watch it for free right here on fox 10, world series game 1 tomorrow at 4:30. we will have a special broadcast right before the game. that gets going at 4:00 paid to reenlist and serve their country, but now america's heroes are being told to give that money back, and it all comes down to a clerical error. >> you can have girl scout cookies for breakfast now. >> get the count chock eula. >> now they are making a cereal
9:39 pm
cookies. >> and what will the morning bring? dave has got a look at your wake up weather right after the
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment.
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ey want in congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. outrage tonight over what's being called a outrage tonight or being called a clerical error. years ago, the california national guard apparently overpaid its servicemen and women, and now they're asking for the money back. at the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the california national guard offered thousands of soldiers cash bonuses to reenlist or extend their time overseas. many took them up on the offer. ten years later, a series of audits reveals that the guard actually gave out too much
9:43 pm
veterans are being slapped with wage garnishments, interest charges, and tax liens until they pay up. >> i held up my end of the contract. i deployed, stayed in an additional six years as an infantry officer, served honorably, retired honorably. i didn't think there would ever with an issue. >> with all of the money that the government wastes, you would think they come up with a way to figure this out and not harm our fighting men and nonetheless, the california national guard claims its hands are tied. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now calling for the department of defense to forgive those debts immediately. >> if regulators approve the deal, the combined company would have more than 10 million customer accounts and up to a
9:44 pm
some 150 of the new company's branches could close. this comes after time-warner and at&t make their own merger. as trick or treaters count down to getting candy next week, there is a new report out naming santa ana california as the best city for halloween, the area scoring high marks for things like the number of potential rate. golden corral, giving back to american heroes. the american restaurant chain says it will serve free dinner to any person who is serving or has served in our military. the free meal is taking place on monday november 14th, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and trending tonight, if you love the taste of girl scout cookies, this cereal is definitely for you, general
9:45 pm
cereal and caramel crunch flavored cereal on behalf of the girl scouts, available for a limited time. and when you are having that kind of cereal, what will the weather be? things are warming up, boy, i'll tell you. you see flagstaff at 43. not too many days ago that was 31 degrees, the grand canyon a little lower than that, 52 overnight in prescott, 60 in globe, 65 in casa grande, 69 yuma and 52 at douglas. as we get closer into the city, lots of 60s out there. 69 at sky harbor. we are looking at at 65, 67s and a lot of 68s around the valley as well, just beautiful wake up weather for the entire valley. heading off to school? let's see what that wake up forecast is going to be at 8:00 a.m. we'll see a few clouds. it will be mostly clear. we'll have 73 degrees. temperatures will be warming through the day into the upper
9:46 pm
coming up next hour. >> okay, dave. talk back time after the break. tonight we are talking about why the nfl should cut ties with allowing tie games. >> no one is happy in a tie game, right? >> no. there's got to be a better way. >> plus a tennis pro loses patience with her pony tail right in the middle of the match. she decides to part ways with the pony tail right in the middle of the match.
9:47 pm
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace.
9:48 pm
for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
9:49 pm
we have a lot more for you coming up on fox 10 news at 10:00. stay with us tonight, including a new report questioning a multimillion dollar insurance claim madewy donald trump. was it on the up and up? plus the latest safety concern over the samsung galaxy note 7, the places where that smartphone is welcome are getting fewer and fewer. it's all ahead on 10:00. >> for tonight's talkers. >> first up, wasn't that fun last night, the cardinals battle with the seattle seahawks to a 6-6 tie, four field goals after five quarters of football. my open letter to the nfl, when are you guys going to finally adopt an overtime like they have in college football? no one wants to see the game end this way. give each team the ball at the 25-yard line. see who finally scores. it would encourage touchdowns,
9:50 pm
provide an actual ending to the game. college has it right, the nfl has it wrong. >> i don't understand anything that you just said, except i agree with you. is that okay? >> make these guys try to score some touchdowns and play like in college football. they have talked about avoiding injuries, but i think if you put it on the 25-yard line, the game will be over in a couple of series and it will be over. >> i'm with you on that. >> thank you. have you ever had such a bad hair day, john, thank you want to chop your hair off? >> i don't know about that. >> well, take a pair of scissors and cut it. that's what happened here. a tennis star midway through a match sat down, pulled out scissors and lopped off part of her pony tail.
9:51 pm
she was willing to sacrifice her hair, which was bothering her. she just chopped it off, and guess what, she won. >> really? >> i have had days like -- i don't want to say every woman, but i think a lot of women have had days where they think, okay, i'll just cut a little bit here. >> did she have to do it herself? could somebody come over and give her a hand? >> it was probably a little part of the pony the neck, bothering her. >> did she donate it to locks of love? >> i don't think it was that much, but i would have loved to see what it looked like when it came out of the pony tail. >> that i have not seen in a tennis match. head to our facebook pages. we have posted about these topics. go to john hook fox 10. >> and kari lake fox 10. i would love to know if you've
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>> i did go to lee high valley barber school and have never been the same with barbers since. how did they do after the tie,
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you're watching fox 10 sports with jude lacava. one thing that you can always count on from bruce arians, he will always tell you exactly what's on his mind. for example, after last night's game, he said this isn't high school. you are paid to make that kick. and today he cited three miscues on special teams as the difference in the tie with seattle, but he also said his football team is on track and they can beat anybody in the nfl. >> and essentially all you had to do, probably, for the rest of the game was punt the football. as long as you don't lose the game on the offensive side or special teams, you have got to feel pretty good about what your defense is going to do, and finally they broke. >> that hurt us because that was a position where we got kick blocked, although kerwynn was more than ready to go in there, he just didn't get his job done.
9:56 pm
a missed opportunity to win. >> mentally our football team is very, very resilient. it's a long journey to the end. this is just one step in it. i thought it was a very, very positive step, other than three plays, you know, the two field goals and the punt, it was very, very positive. it was one of the best defensive performances that i have seen since i have been here. >> 24-yard attempt, oh, he hits the upright! it's no good! >> injuries have something to do with it a little bit, and as far as the punt block, we were down to our third wing, but he's a capable guy, and the field goal issue, you just can't miss that kickment. >> the chances were there, including a run to the pylon for david johnson. >> take two hands and hit the pylon with the ball. never reach with one. take two. i think he thought he had it, but just make sure that you
9:57 pm
do not lose the football in that situation. >> we can tell you the cardinals suffered a bit of a setback, number 13, jaron brown, made some really big plays for the offense throughout the first part of the season, a teammate that continues to get better and better, brown lost for the rest of the season. we talked about houston, denver rematch. osweiler left houston and a little bit of an edge there for sure. anderson, 116 yards, broncos, john elway, you bet they wanted to show osweiler who was the better team after he left for the big money contract. osweiler, not a night that you
9:58 pm
ball gets away from him here, 15-25 for 175 yards, and the broncos go on to win in convincing fashion as they win 27-9 the final, the broncos over the houston texans. well, here it is. are you ready for this? the last time the cubs win in a world series, 1945, and as you will remember, a goat brought to wrigley field, but the a certain odor, and he said, them cubs, they ain't going to win no more. that's the curse of the goat. as for cleveland, they have got a curse from a trade to detroit in the '50s, both teams battling a curse as they play for a world series championship, and it all starts here tomorrow.
9:59 pm
course, a progressive game 1. a lot of cleveland fans out here will be watching anxiously. stay with us right here on fox. back with more sports, right now it's fox 10 news at 10:00. coming up, donald trump has some choice words for his latest accuser, what he said during a radio interview. and the president's health care act is getting less affordable, especially right here in arizona, and a three-year-old girl dies after a dresser falls on her over the weekend. what you need to know to keep your children safe. this is fox 10 news at 10:00. our top story tonight, that dresser fell on that little girl on sunday and police say it appears she was climbing on that dresser, and tonight we spoke with specialists at phoenix children's hospital about the
10:00 pm
dresser to the wall properly. that's where fox 10's danielle miller is live now with more tonight. danielle? >> mark, according to, every 24 minutes tipped furniture sends a child to the emergency room, and on average every two weeks one child will die after a tv or some type of large furniture falls on him or her. we spoke to experts here at phoenix children's hospital, and they are telling best defense is anchoring furniture to the wall. a sad update, a three-year-old died after a dresser fell on her in her surprise home on sunday. >> it's sad. it's scary. it can happen anytime. one minute you can be fine, and the next minute your child is gone. >> it's sad, tragic, how with her a dresser fell on her, and with accidents, you never know


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